Is President Assad Colonel Gadhafi?

Is President Assad Colonel Gadhafi?

And now the streets are blood red in Syria. In this historic season of discontent in the Arab world, Syria, a country which is not only ruled by a dictatorship, but is a controlled police state too, experienced a touch of revolution? Well, street protests. And Syria, responding as police states do, had her security forces open fire on the protesters, and in several cities too. Dozens died.

The tyrants of Syria and Yemen have responded to protests with deadly gunfire. Well, what should the West do but make statements?

Is there any oil in Syria? Is President Assad Colonel Gadhafi?

Libya is beginning to look like only one incident in a long night of blood. And Mr. Gadhafi? A fly who buzzed at the West for years. But he sold the West oil. So the thing with him is not about oil? Is it just about ridding the West of a bothersome fly?

Syria is just another place where democracy is a foreign expression, and oppression is normal and usual. And in Syria it must be usual for the security forces to open fire on demonstrators? Well, Syria is a police state with little experience in dealing with demonstrators.