Popcorn butter linked to Alzheimer’s

Popcorn butter linked to Alzheimer’s

And other crap news.

The only thing good about bad news is that many of us care enough to fight and change it, and this gives us an opportunity to rally together and do just that. Here are some bad news stories from this week; a couple feature quick ways to help change them, too.

Popcorn butter may cause Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is prominent on my radar. I am especially scared of my brain just leaving me like that; I’ve seen it happen and it is terrifying and sad. So when I read that the butter flavoring in popcorn is linked to the disease, my heart sank, since I enjoy popcorn so much. Is nothing yummy safe anymore? The chemical, diacetyl, is also used in carbonated beverages. Double whammy.Best Buy a bust on conflict minerals

When it comes to conflict minerals, Best Buy has just relied on the word of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce about whether or not materials are safe for use. However, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce isn’t as dedicated to ensuring conflict materials aren’t used as one might think—and companies like Microsoft and Motorola know that. They’re already using other sources to make sure their minerals do not fund war and genocide and slavery. If you’d like to see Best Buy get on board the conscience train, click here to tell them so.

Don’t say gay

In other extremely disappointing news—to say the least—gay men are being banned from donating anonymous sperm. I don’t know about you, but other than the fact that it’s discriminatory and stupid, this law is obnoxious because it takes the DNA of a lot of really smart, great people I know off the market. I’m not saying that my friends have donated or not, but if I had to use donor sperm, I’d choose one of them over most of the straight men I know just because they are smart, kind people with obviously good DNA. I’m not generalizing all gay men to be that way, but are you seriously telling me that straight guys with use prostitutes or sleep around on their wives or who are simply in the closet (all as my friend J. said this morning) can donate sperm while a perfectly healthy, non-risky gay man like him in a committed relationship cannot? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at the double standard, since it’s so prevalent across the board already.

Judge me, judge me not

America is facing a judicial crisis right now with not enough judges in many districts to even hear the case load needed. 32 federal courts are even declaring a state of judicial emergency. Judicial nominees must be speedily confirmed in order to fix this crisis; the good news is that it can be done, but politicians are just dragging their feet—as usual—in getting the job done. Click here if you’d like to tell your local senators to get a move on, already.