The Polls- America Wants Progressive Programs

The Polls- America Wants Progressive Programs

Cenk Uygur, in his column in the Huffington Post and on his weekly feature  on the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC, shared with America the results of a poll, which supports what the polls have stated so all along: that Americans are progressive on several key issues.

The Democrats and progressives, and the White House lost the information wars. The GOP and its money machine, and its propaganda arm have been out spinning the Democrats for the last two years, and they are still distorting the results of the polls. The Obama administration fell for and was the victim of a lot of the spin, and many of its 2008 voters stayed home because they were a victim of the spin. Others couldn't even see a reason to vote, especially when the White House kept playing defense, compromising, and tossing in the towel on every issue that the American working and middle classes cared about the most.

Cenk from the Huffington Post -- "When asked what's the first thing they would do to balance the budget, Americans had an unmistakably clear answer -- raise taxes on the rich. It came in number one by a mile, with a whopping 61 percent.

If that wasn't progressive enough, cutting defense spending came in number two, with 20 percent.

And if all of that wasn't clear enough, when asked about cutting Medicare, only 4 percent were in favor of it. Only 3 percent wanted to cut Social Security as a way to balance the budget.

I thought the country was center-right? That's what all of the pundits tell us 24/7 on television. What happened now? Do those answers look center-right to you? They look decidedly center-left to anyone with a pulse."