Poll Says: Do With Us What You Will

Poll Says: Do With Us What You Will

Sheep Seldom Complain.

I am not surprised by the finding of the new ABC News and The Washington Post, produced by Langer Research Associates that says: Most Americans are sheep, easily frightened sheep.

The polls found that most adults are standing with TSA agents, who bombard Americans with radiation, as the agents scan the Americans' bodies, looking for terrorist bombs, weapons, and for terrorists hiding in the Americans' underwear.

The number of Americans, whom are for the full body feeling and groping treatment, is not as high a number as the majority for full body scanning. 64% of Americans say: Scan me, make me feel safe. 48% say: You may touch me as you like, in those private places too. What ever. Show me no respect. I am just a piece of meat. Abuse me. We are fighting terrorism, right?

I have little doubt that if there is another terrorist attempt / or scare, the numbers for a full strip down will shoot up. Americans get frightened all the time, by this threat and that threat, by this boogeyman and by that boogeyman, and surrender their better judgment to their fears.