Pat Robertson's Sensible Statement On Marijuana

Pat Robertson's Sensible Statement On Marijuana

At the top of the news yesterday was the announcement that TV evangelist Pat Robertson known for railing against sin, and for calling down hell and brimstone on the heads of anyone whom he suspects of sinning, according to his definition of sin, wants to legalize pot.

On the 700 Club 80 year old Pat Robertson criticized marijuana possession sentences, said sending people to jail for a few ounces of pot is "costing us a fortune and it's ruining young people ..."

Well it's a few days before Christmas, did old Pat finally see Jesus? Did the Good Lord drop in for a visit, give old Robertson a slap on the back of the head and say: "What is with you? With all the right-wing-retro Republican garbage, always coming out of your mouth? Read the Gospel. Quit misrepresenting Me! I Am a Liberal Democrat. Get with it. Modern Republicanism is a Satanic plot"

Modern Republicanism is a Satanic plot? Well maybe this is a wee bit of a stretch. Just a wee bit.

Well, did old Pat rub his forehead and say, "Plot, Lord? Pot? Pot!"

The Lord was gone. There are so many old cusses He has to visit.; And old Pat is well-known for not hearing the Words of the Lord, clearly, or at all. So Pat thought the Lord had said "pot" Now how old Pat got from Modern Republicanism is a Satanic plot to Republicans need a modern approach to pot? Don't ask me. But, Pat is well known for misspeaking the Word of the Lord.

Anyway, Pat made his statement, and the pot heads of America reacted with -- "Say what?!" A few kidders even said that now that Pat Robertson says smoking pot is okay. He has ruined pot for them. Later in the day, politicians like Joe Biden let the world know of his opinion on the subject. Old Joe said, "America, legalizing pot would be a mistake."

Then came the clarification from the Pat Robertson camp. The word put out is that 80 year old Pat is not calling for legalizing pot, but is calling on America to re-think marijuana sentences.

Now seriously, Pat Robertson is from my hometown, and as a homie. I am pleased to point out anything and everything that he does which deserves a kudo. Sadly, the homie does or says very little -- not much of anything -- practically nothing that isn't embarrassing to his homies. But his call to America to use a little common sense in sentencing folks for marijuana possession makes a lot of sense. For that he deserves a kudo.