Paris Hilton 08

Paris Hilton 08

Sunday, October 12th


Dear Diary,

Paris Hilton released second “campaign” video. First video gave quite a shock; already had interns creating dossier on her past before Rick informed me “it’s a SPOOF, you senile bat”. Too bad, as interns had come up with enough dirt to mudsling till end of days. Current election would be far easier if Barack had sex tape or served time, that’s for sure. Polls=not promising. Barack will gloat unbearably at next debate…

Forced by campaign staff to make statement declaring Paris video hilarious, though did not understand half of it due to unfamiliar modern slang. Response from Paris:

He said a lot of nice things about me so I think that he has a good sense of humor as well. Or he is just highly embarrassed and pretending he likes it.”

Embarrassed?! That Paris is such a jokester! Hahahahaha. Heh…

Maverick, over and out.


P.S. Just re-watched first Paris video. Suggestion of hybrid energy policy between mine and Barack’s quite clever, actually. Wonder if it would be unethical for me to “borrow”. Plus might bring in youth vote, as she’s kind of role model kids apparently looking to these days. Just look at Bristol.