Outdated Government

Outdated Government

Many programs using decades old technologies

So you are telling me part of the United States nuclear program runs on floppy disk? The answer...yes. That is just one of the extremely outdated technologies utilized by the most powerful nation on earth.

Not even hard disk drives...we are talking floppy disk. Disks I have not even seen since I was in grade school a quarter of a century ago. I could hardly even find a picture of a floppy disk when searching, yet alone ever dream of finding one in real life.

Have no fear though, our government nuclear program that cost the US taxpayers well in excess of 50 billion dollars uses them though. 

This is just one example of outdated programs used in government. 

The US treasury also uses program codes from the 50s as well. Overall the government has found it hard to move on technologically. This was highlighted when the technologically advanced Obama administration got to office.

An administration that had to wonder how people were getting by using Blackberrys. Then same admin thatbhas a president with a Twitter handle @POTUS.

Although this technology gap is the sad truth, and needs to get better quickly, you can imagine why it exists...A large percentage of politicians are well over the age of 60, and are out of touch with anything going on in this new digital world. 

On top of this, we have technology advancing at unimaginable levels. Given this all, government may never catch up. Floppy disk may very well still be in office 20 more years from now.