An "October surprise" already

An "October surprise" already

Poor debate performance by President Obama

The narrative keeps changing in this presidential election with Romney gaining the upper hand after being written off the last few weeks. President Obama was widely criticized for performing poorly during the first debate in Denver. He failed to mention the video where Romney made the 47 percent comment. The Obama campaign has taken some shots at Romney through an interesting ad that features the man who collects Mr. Romney's trash.

President Obama was unable to stretch his lead after getting this immense opportunity in something that he has a huge strength in, which will hurt him in this election. The Democrats will be disappointed as Obama had a chance to seize the moment and bury his opponent early.

It is still much too early to discuss the impact of this debate on the polls. I think Mitt Romney was able to check off some of the things he needed to accomplish in this all important first debate. The public is getting used to the idea of a President Romney and Democrats are wary of Mr. Romney dominating the next two debates and easily winning the election in November.

The first debate allowed Romney to show his character, knowledge and ability to think on his feet which has attracted voters. The Democrats will be really hoping that the President gets his act together and shines in the second debate less than two weeks away at Hofstra University. This debate, which takes the form of a town meeting, is five days after the vice presidential debate in Kentucky.