Obama's Take on The Job Issue

Obama's Take on The Job Issue

This week President Obama made creating jobs a top priority- it’s no easy task, as he has been ostensibly trying to create jobs ever since he took office- the problem being this pesky recession and financial crisis that took root well before he became president. Nothing he has done so far has been able to do much to reverse the tide of job loss, though it could be argued that programs like Cash For Clunkers and his various economic stimulus packages have done their part to make things easier if not better for the millions who are unintentionally part of the 10.2% unemployment statistic.

That’s the hard part, emotionally- knowing that you are part of a statistic, that there is a national spotlight on your situation and that people are watching what happens, millions of people, all of whom are wanting the same thing to happen nationally so that they can get the same thing that you want- a new job. Or their old job back. Or a part time job- just some kind of work. One, to bring in some money, and two, to restore a sense of self worth and productivity that is essential for feeling like you are a contributing member of society and part of the productive national population. Whatever the arguments for or against the way our economy is structured, having a job is having something to do and is a major part of how people self identify. People need jobs not only for their income but also for what it does mentally and emotionally for their sense of overall well being.

Obama knows this. His announcement of priority this week is an encouraging sign that he recognizes how intense the problem is, how important, and also that he is in a position to actually do something about it. It seems, though, that there is a growing group of democrats who are worried about Obama’s take on the state of the nation and worry about the fiscal implications of what he wants to do about it.

"There's a lot of anxiety among Democrats," said Anne Mathias of Concept Capital Washington Research Group. "There is a sense that the president's agenda doesn't match what people think should be happening.”

Pundits and analysts are pointing to his dropping approval ratings as evidence that he is losing touch with what America wants. I think, though, that his numbers are down because the economy is bad- not because he is doing anything that anyone doesn’t want him to do. I think he’s doing a great job playing the hand he has been dealth.

Yes, he has pumped a lot more money into the top of the money food chain, but to a certain point he has to- that is what he needs to do to keep the macro level functioning. I don’t buy the whole idea of trickle down, but you can’t just give out money to people and let the big companies and industries die- that would leave us all out in the cold in the long run and leave us with a hard time finding any work at all.