Obama's Final Act

Obama's Final Act

Bring peace near and abroad

On Friday, President Obama made a visit to Hiroshima Japan of all places. The same place we bombed 71 years ago to end an awfuk World War. It marked the first visit to the area by a sitting US President ever.

With the visit I realized what the President hopes to accomplish as his final act and push while in office... To bring peace amongst us all in the world, or at least start the process. 

Think about it, in just about a month's time he has visited both Cuba and Hiroshima. On top of this he even reached out to end decades-old specifications aganst Vietnam. Therefore, in a months time, he reached out to three of the biggest U.S. foes you think of when talking on the subject.

The most recent Hiroshima visit brought emotional words from a somber president who clearly wants nothing more than peace. Not just peace for America, but across the globe. POTUS even spoke on hoping for a day without nuclear weapons.

It may have been the second most somber speech from the President since his speech on gun issues and the Sandy Hook tragedy. Yet another display of his hope and plans for peace.

Looking forward I can only imagine who he may reach out to next, but I am glad that he was able to get many out of war during his term...while maneuvering around and away from acts of further war on some other critical issues as well. 

Not to say it was foolproof, or a peaceful regime altogether, but overall it is clear to see he was  (and is) promoting peace and the coming together of the entire world. This will be just the first step though, and we can only help his predecessor can take over where he leaves off.