Obama Speaks at the DNC

Obama Speaks at the DNC

Preparing for Retirement: Passes the Torch to Clinton

President Barack Obama went to the stage at the DNC in favor of both the party and of course Hillary Clinton. Beginning with a lengthy discussion on the good that was done while he was in office, before announcing Clinton and embracing her in a hearty hug. Officially passing her the torch to carry on what he has so far accomplished, and what she hopes to build on.

President Obama also did what most all of the DNC speakers did as well...denounce Hillary's competitor Donald Trump. In doing so, he laid out a foundation of how America is great still. Saying, in not so many words, that Trump is using scare tactics and hate to win votes. That we do not have to make America great again as Trump has been so adamantly impressing on America.

This could really not be any more true, but does it speak more towards Trumps brilliance...or something the DNC is missing?

I say this is true as most anyone on the Fourth of July will tell you. This is the greatest country on earth by far and hands down. Not many countries find themselves as safe as we are, and no one may be as feared or powerful militarily. Yet, Trump sees all going on across the world and some instances that have been in the news of late, and uses that to fuel his fire and nab him votes.

That may be where the Trump brilliance comes in though.This may be the one area that the DNC is not picking up on. There is a feeling of insecurity by many with everything going on nationally and across seas. Many very scary situations, but that is why they call it terrorism, and that is why we can not let it fog our view of the world. Those incidents are meant to do just that...even though a majority of the time we are much safer than 99 percent of the entire world.

This is what came across to me as the DNC and RNC events are winding down. Republicans and Trump are really grabbing onto domestic and national security issues while the DNC and Clinton are continuing to show how we are beginning to repair relationships with some and build new relationships with others that we may know little about.

Now what one of those platforms do you feel best about?