Obama Pushes Green Agenda?

Obama Pushes Green Agenda?

Here’s the process: Crisis occurs, crisis is dealt with, lessons are learned, and action is taken. That is how learning and progress make their presence felt in the world. And that should absolutely be what is going to happen based on everything that is happening in the Gulf with the BP oil leak. Environmental sites (and myself) have been blowing up with calls for action, both in policy and in the perception of the general public, and with a loud call that this is the catalyst for the next generation of energy rules. So far, nothing much. We heard Obama go after BP in the media, we heard BP run a PR campaign that is largely laughable, and we saw some gossipy politicking about how well or not well everybody was handing it in the press. Big deal. That all goes away when the next day’s headline shows up. Everyone cares more about the World Cup right now than whether or not we are going to get tough on offshore drilling policy, right?

But then, creeping into my newsfeed, is this article that says, “

Barack Obama will on Wednesday make a renewed push to spur the US Senate into action on climate change, saying the BP oil spill underlines the urgency for the country to lessen its dependence on fossil fuels.”

This is what. This is what we’ve. This is what we’ve been waiting for. The President is using the current events as a cause for change in our energy policy. Is he going to ask them for something more substantial than a watered-down version of cap and trade and a nod toward the green sector with some measly tax breaks? That remains to be seen. Where are the protestors on this one? Where are the talk show hosts going off about how horrible this is? What does Glenn Beck have to say about this, hmm? Something about how bad it is that Washington is going after BP CEO Tony Hayward. Way to work with the classic misdirection tactic, Glenn.

Obama may not do everything right, but utilizing this crisis to make something good happen where there is little to shed light into the future is one of the best things he could be doing right now. Environmentalist or no, it’s easy to see that what we are doing is dirty and dangerous. A windmill falls, you scrap it and build another one. A solar panel stops working, you build a new one. And there’s never not going to be more biomass. Ok, not a fair comparison? You’re right.

But the point is that nobody is going to pollute the Gulf of Mexico and kill thousands of animals with windmills and solar panels. So this is the reason, very simple, very straightforward, to figure out how to use these things to get our power rather than fossil fuels. Natural gas, you say? What about fracking? What about all those cars we’ll throw away? We’re going to throw them away anyway someday. Give me the downside. I’ll flip it over.

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