Obama has gone Hollywood

Obama has gone Hollywood

The next great screen star

For the moment, let’s simply discuss President Obama’s performance for 2012. While the United States and the rest of the world are virtually going to hell in a hand basket, Mr. Obama has been campaigning in those states critical to his re-election and neglecting the rest of the country. He has attended fundraisers at the palatial homes of Hollywood luminaries like George Clooney, Ricky Martin and Sarah Jessica Parker, just to name a few. He and Michelle continue to entertain themselves by sponsoring expensive events featuring huge stars of song and dance, as well as liberal television talk show hosts and others. The rulers are living it up while the bleary-eyed peasants are on their way to their second or third low-paying job.

Domestic Economic Issues

Unemployment is over eight percent with job creation stunted until at least 2014, according to the administration. The national debt is close to critical mass, the economy is virtually stalled and the stock market is perilously and artificially overvalued. The prices of durable goods, food and fuel are at all time highs. The voting public knows their way of life and that of their children and their children’s children may be irreversibly compromised.

These domestic economic issues are horrifying but the international situation is much worse. Other countries are threatening to drag the United States down into economic Armageddon. Europe is sliding—country by country—faster and faster towards economic failure and depression.

International Crisis Issues

Citizens in other countries—notably Egypt and Syria—are in full insurrection and revolution, and are being murdered by their own military on a daily basis. These countries seek a democratic government but this president has either led from behind or simply not at all to stop the carnage, stabilize those governments and prevent another dangerous regime from inserting itself on the world stage.

North Korea and Iran have won, hands down. These countries continue with their weapons grade uranium enrichment programs while blithely giving the rest of the world the finger by denying the Atomic Energy Agency inspectors full entry and cooperation.

Domestic Social Issues

The President is working hard to capitalize on the Hispanic vote by stealing those portions of the Dream Act that most please Hispanics—from its architect, Marco Rubio. He continues to foster division between races—and hopefully gain their vote—by obstructing the Arizona immigration law as opposed to coming up with a solution of his own.

The same is true of his recent statement supporting gay marriage. He didn’t do anything about it one way or the other. He simply said he supported it. This was a transparent attempt to solidify his base for the election, while throwing the rest of the country into disarray by not coming up with any kind of solution at all.

Obama also continues to fan the flames of class warfare between wealthy Americans and those who are not. This issue is too intense to get into here other than to say the President will take any advantage, regardless of how it damages the country, to win a vote.