Obama does it again

Obama does it again

A lot has happened over the last week or so.

President Obama is back in the White House and he has a lot on his plate. A common sight over the last four years. The next four years will cement the legacy of the first African-American President. Will he bring us the hope and change that has been long promised?

President Obama has been getting CEOs to talk about the importance of bi-partisanship and working together to speed up the ‘recovery’ of the US economy. The top 1 percent have it in their interests to curtail the problems due to the fiscal cliff. Obama needs to change his tone with these highly productive members of society and this will be easier to do now that the election is over.

He not only needs to win their confidence, but also their trust. The Obama campaign has been too harsh on wealthy people and this has made them detest him and his policies.

Democrats are of course not finding fault with the President as he has done well in winning the popular vote even as Mitt Romney grumbles on the way he went about it. Nonetheless, the President must reassure Americans that he is indeed the President of all of them as opposed to Romney who has once again succeeded in showing that he appeals to only a section of the population.

The GOP has recognized the need for this and the Democrats along with President Obama must show their commitment to this and be remembered for a great time in American history.