Obama calls GOP stance on economic policies ‘madness’

Obama calls GOP stance on economic policies ‘madness’

President Obama continues taking shots at his GOP rivals

President Obama seems to be cruising to victory even though it is early days yet. The President himself is very confident and has even stated that if his idol Abraham Lincoln were to be running for President he would not be able to do so because of the state of the GOP at the moment. I thought this was very telling as he has always said that Lincoln was his favorite president in U.S. history.

Obama continues to hit the Republicans hard by undermining their views on economic policy. The President feels that the economic policies that the GOP is looking to implement will roll back the country to how it was just before the economic downturn. Obama even stressed that they were the very same economic policies that were in place before the Great Depression.

According to the Obama campaign, Wall Street would run wild again if the Republicans were to have their way. The President even went on to stand behind his much debated health care law in his renowned persuasive tone that had captivated many Americans 4 years ago.

Obama stood firm that the economic policies that the GOP was advocating for had already been tried in the 1920s and led to the Great Depression. These same policies were also tried in the last decade and doing the same thing over and over again was just plain madness.

The President realizes that it is going to be a pretty tough summer and is getting ready for it and has raised $45M in February for his bid to be re-elected.