The No-Show Rapture: Financial Ramifications

The No-Show Rapture: Financial Ramifications

It’s the end of the World as we know it. Or is it? Unfortunately for the disappointed Christian followers of Harold Camping and his kooky ideas, the world is still here, as are most of the Christian believers. If the great Rapture of May 2011 came this weekend, most of us missed it.


Harold Camping actually predicted that the Earth would end on October 21, 2011. His original prediction was that the Rapture would start at 6:00pm on May the 21st at some unspecified location on Earth with a big earthquake at which time the devout would be taken miraculously to the Heavens. Harold Camping estimated that about 200 million believers would have been saved while the rest of us Heathens would have been left on Earth to slowly perish.


Reportedly, Harold Camping was flabbergasted that the Rapture didn’t occur, as were many of his followers.lWhat were the financial ramifications for the true believers when the Rapture was a no-show? One believer interviewed by the Associated Press said, “I worked last week. I wouldn’t have gotten paid last week if the Rapture didn’t happen.”


Some of the non-believers out there were able to take advantage of the extreme Christian gullibility:


The owner of Eternal Earth-Bound Pets was revelling yesterday in the fact that his 300 punters would be regretting his no-refund policy. Looks like they won’t need him to take care of those “loving pets who are left behind” when their owners are “saved”. 


Unfortunately for many of the Christians who believed in Harold Camping’s false prophecy, the consequences were much more serious than losing a small amount of money to a con artist. Some of Harold Camping’s followers quit their jobs and made other truthfully poor financial and life decisions in the mistaken belief that they were going to be swept up into the Heavens on May 21st, which will leave the devout struggling until October 21 (Harold Camping’s new Rapture date).  


What’ stranger even still is how much money was spent on advertising for the Rapture by Harold Camping himself. Harold Camping and his ministry FRI spent millions on the 5,000 billboards and the 20 RVs that he used to advertise the Rapture. Is Harold Camping financially devastated after mis-predicting the Rapture for the second time? Not even close. Harold Camping can afford it as his FRI company reported over $18 million in donations in 2009 and was worth approximately $104 million. Not too shabby for an aging preacher with a losing prophecy track record.