No Nukes? Tell the White House to Stop Nuke Subsidies!

No Nukes? Tell the White House to Stop Nuke Subsidies!

Anti-nuke voters, are you ready to stop funding nuclear materials? Are you ready to put your money with your no-nuke letters and signs and t-shirts are? If so, please consider signing this new petition from the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.

The petition calls for President Obama to stop asking for nuclear reactor funding from taxpayers, as well as research funding. It also makes the important point that no nukes are safe nukes—that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has proven that there’s no such thing as green nuclear technology, and that our own technology was used in that horrible event. We don’t need to develop even more toxins and poison to kill people over the world—whether at home or abroad.

The coolest thing about this petition is that it is on a new platform from the White House that allows citizens to create petitions to send the president—and if at least 5,000 people sign them within the first thirty days of posting, the Administration has promised to read and review it!

That’s pretty powerful stuff—though I would maintain that any petition citizens create should be viewed by the powers that be. Isn’t that their job, to listen to us? Still, this is a very powerful new tool to use, and activists should definitely make use of it and share it while it’s there. After you sign, you might want to consider starting your own petition about things you want to make the president aware of—or to send it to your organization so they know about the tool and can make wide use of it.

Keep in mind that the tool limits your petition to only 800 characters—it’s like a Twitter version of The Petition Site!—so it will have to be brief and to the point. According to the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, the site is also supposedly super slow, so please have patience if you’re going to sign or create your own petition. When I signed, I didn’t have any problems, but I tend to do things in a dozen tabs or so and just leave them stewing while I tend to other tabs, so I couldn’t tell you how long it took for sure! Also, the site tells users that it’s more effective to sign existing petitions rather than creating new ones—so if there is a petition about something you care about already going, it will be more productive to sign it and promote it rather than creating a new one.