News that might make you pissed

News that might make you pissed

Or that you might have missed. Whichever.

In case you missed my previous post about horse meat in burgers, gun classes for the kiddies, and other BS, be sure to read it at Cageliner. Here are some other mostly-heinous headlines you might have missed.

Some douches on the Internet are calling for young girls to show their boobs for Justin Bieber. Apparently these jerks are famous for pulling similar crap before, calling for girls to cut for Bieber. Classy dudes.

Victoria Jackson of SNL fame is apparently now an ultra-conservative white supremacist. I just hate it when that happens! It’s really too bad. I always pegged most comedians to be pretty smart people. Now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to watch her and laugh as hard again—at least, not for the same reasons.

Duke University might be considered a prestigious school, but it sounds like it’s also full of morons. A fraternity there is in trouble for throwing a really racist Asian-themed party, and it sounds like it’s not the first time for them, either. The frat boys are suspended from further activity until further notice, at least.

In Somalia, it is impossible to be raped by a government official. Just ask this rape survivor who was sentenced to a year in prison for daring to accuse her rapist and the journalist she told her story to. Stories like this one really renew my faith in humanity…

A whopping 67 percent of republicans think that video games, not guns, are responsible for our violent culture. Dude, I wonder how many of them have ever even played a video game? I know pacifists who play video games all of the time, and I also know gun folks with wild eyes who would just as soon shoot at you than shake your hand who’ve never played a game. Maybe I should introduce these people to Congress. Or maybe the gamers should start hiring lobbyists.

But now, for one piece of cool news: have you heard about the St. Baldricks project? Kids cut off all their hair to raise awareness and money to help find a cure for childhood cancer. Very cool! You could even cut off your hair for Locks of Love and donate to two places at once. I shaved my head when I was 17 and now I wish I had done it for a better, more noble reason than “to see what it felt like.”