Mr. Obama Gets 12 Stitches to Lip

Mr. Obama Gets 12 Stitches to Lip

Item from the Associated Press -- "The White House says President Obama needed 12 stitches after being injured in a basketball game. Mr. Obama was seen leaving the game holding white gauze to his lip and later nursing the lip in the upstairs of the White House." See the video.

Remember the story of President Bush falling down choking on a pretzel right after 911, falling down, injuring his face and hurting his head? Nobody believe that story. Dude got falling down drunk.

So President Obama gets 12 stitches to his lip?

Okay? Alright? Joke Time.

Did his wife punch him? Showing him a few pointers on how to fight?

Did Nancy Pelosi show him how Democrats are going to counter punch?

Did his lip just expand and burst in cracks, trying to match the size of his head? Ego?

Is he trying to get sympathy from progressives?

Or is this how he plays the ball game in Washington, he lets his opponents beat up on him?

Well, quick healing, Mr. Pres.