More of the Same

More of the Same

Univision debate in Florida a near mirror image of Flint

Besides a deeper dive into immigration questions, the rest of the Florida Democratic debate read much like that in Flint, Michigan.

This was very surprising as Hillary Clinton seemed to go out of her way to, again, bring up the auto bailout and claim Sanders was not for it. A sentiment he again denied and clarified his position on not voting to bailout Wall Street.

Again, something he clarified in Flint, which seemed to make Clinton look bad. Especially in then area of trustworthiness...a n area she finds herself far behind in polling perventages if Americans.

I suppose the former secretary feels Floridians will vote differently from that of Michigan, but if not then Clinton could see Sanders win another state that many polls are saying he can't. 

In regards to immigration though, a large portion of the debate, Hillary again attacked Bernie in his lack of voting for an immigration bill she felt would have changed how things are currently trending with immigration. 

Sanders was quick to point out that the original bill he was against had provisions to have workers and illegals work in the US at far lower wages than then average American. He went as far as calling it slave labor, which is why he was against the bill.

He then highlighted his support for immigration reform in 2013 with that provision taken out.

Itbwas yet another  show of Clinton's stretch on the truth. It was the auto bailout all over again...and may again prove bad for t frontrunner Clinton.

Sanders is quick to point out how the former secretary will take large legal documents with many provisions in them...and if Sanders voted against them she will say he was against a specific portion of the bill. (for example: the auto bailout) When in reality he was against the Wall Street bailout. 

Yes, the auto bailout was a part of that document, but it was not why he was against it. 

Sanders continues to be unapologetic as he stands behind what he has said in the past...and so far those things he has stood for have proved to be good moral decisions.

Even more so, they have been dicisions made for the American workers and families. 

All in all, the debate had few fireworks and the issue of immigration was a pretty mute point as both agreed that they have the same beliefs overall on immigration. 

It will be interesting to see how the Florida vote goes, as the debate left no really clear winner. It did further show Clinton's contued stretch of the truth, and a stay in the course of trying to use the auto bailout against Sanders. One that may again backfire.