Money and Christianity

Money and Christianity

Sometimes I think that a lot of people who call themselves Christian must not have actually read the Bible when I see how they vote. Jesus did not speak at all about issues that they think are important in elections such as abortion, homosexuality, gun rights, ending charitable government programs, tax cuts. And Jesus had a lot to say about issues that they ignore such as charity, forgiveness, respecting government, taking care of the poor, taking care of children, public pronouncements of religious behavior and accumulating wealth.

I thought that Jesus was very clear on the subject of money. He threw out the money lenders in the temple who were inserting themselves into religious practices as middle men. Many of these rightwing religious voters support the mega churches and evangelical media empires who are the modern money changers. Some of the leaders of these churches have fortunes over a billion dollars. There have even been evangelists who say that pursuing wealth is just fine for Christians and that the Bible is misunderstood on the subject.

He also said to render unto Caesar what is Caesars and render unto God that which is God’s. This would seem to suggest that one should respect government and pay taxes. Then respect God and donate to the church. Why then do so many of the religious right vote for tax cuts for the wealthy and turn a blind eye to all the rich who pay no taxes at all.

Jesus said that people who want to follow him should sell all they have and give it to the poor. Why do so many on the religious right consistently vote to support politicians who deny funding to welfare, helping the homeless, the elderly, children of poverty, etc?

Jesus said that accumulating treasures on Earth will not buy a place in Heaven. He said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a wealthy man to enter heaven. So why do people in the Tea Party movement allow themselves to be fooled by billionaires into supporting politicians and legislation which will make more money for the billionaire and make life worse for the average man?

The Bible is clear that “the love of money is the root of all evil” and that you can worship money or God but you cannot worship both. So why do many on the religious right seem to care more about money and less about people. What would Jesus say to them?