The modern day yuppie's ambition: Will he succeed?

The modern day yuppie's ambition: Will he succeed?

The Aragula President and his love for Martha's Vineyard.

The subtitle suggests my enthusiasm level for either candidate in the last elections. I know a lot of you love President Obama. So let me focus on what a Obama second term will be like and what he has done so far (including future plans being laid).

It's funny how laidback things seem to be now when recalling that Obama had his own 'Gangnam Style' going for him back in '08.  Still, Obama is all business a few weeks removed from his reelection. January 1, 2013 is important as the Bush tax cuts are set to expire. The President wants to relax this so that businesses and consumers can ride out the important holiday season without having to worry about losing a chunk of money to taxes next year.

President Obama wants to address the fiscal cliff issue by Christmas and is open to suggestions even though he seems happy with his Clinton-era tax level plan that would aim at reducing the budget deficit over 10 years by raising an additional $1.6 trillion in revenue. Obama is being flexible about it and this is a good thing.

The bad thing is that he hasn't stressed enough about his commitment to curb federal spending. It has made people including myself wonder about the spending side of the equation with the President only harping on about taxes.

President Obama has often been accused of being selfish and he definitely has his critics. However, a large part of his legacy will depend on how he handles this second term. 

It is only right for me to let on that I was a tad excited when Obama won reelection as I had that hunch that it would work out the best for the country.