Mitt Romney RNC Speech

Mitt Romney RNC Speech

Romney reminded us about the greatness of America and how important this election is.

I had all but decided that President Obama should be reelected so that he can be given a chance to guide the United States toward a path of prosperity without having to worry about his job security. But watching and listening to this speech by Mitt Romney at the RNC has changed my mind.

Mitt Romney Speech "RNC" Republican National Convention !

I have always been a Mitt Romney fan, but felt that this may not be the right time for him. I was mistaken and I will need to pay more attention to the Democratic National Convention and the presidential debates that will follow before making up my mind. The race is pretty close and there are a lot of things that can happen like the infamous October Surprise, for instance.

Romney was very emotional at times during his speech that was great to see and the other thing to note was his special mention of his family being Mormons. Romney's speech was very well prepared and it carefully omitted any mentions on illegal immigration, the U.S. troops in Afghanistan and welfare programs such as Medicare and Social Security. These were all for good reason for Romney's campaign.

Romney was also great at driving him the point that his successes in business put him in a unique position to create jobs. Jobs and unemployment was something that he talked a great deal about and also brought up a plan to create 12 million new jobs. In addition to highlighting his stronger points, he drew cheers when he stated that President Obama's best moment was the day he was elected.

I really feel that Romney's 'likeability' with the American voter must have soared after last night's closing speech at the RNC. It really makes me want to see what President Obama has to say at the DNC.