Mitt Romney: Not releasing taxes because of Mormon tithing

Mitt Romney: Not releasing taxes because of Mormon tithing

Another lame excuse

Democrats are calling for Mitt Romney to release his 2010 income tax return to the public, but he has yet to do so. As the LA Times and the Washington Post report, Romney’s Mormonism is one of the reasons that Mitt Romney is claiming that he wants to keep his tax records and contributions as private as he possibly can.  

As the Romneys told Parade, the Romneys feel that the tithing that they do to the Mormon Church should be private. Traditionally, Mormons tithe 10 percent of their earnings each year to the Mormon Church. Ann Romney reportedly cries when she sends her 10 percent to the Mormon Church. Mitt feels that his tithing is a personal reflection of his deep commitment to God and his church and admitting how much he tithed “would reveal how much he has given to the Mormon Church.”

It’s almost as if Mitt Romney is using his religion and personal faith as a flimsy excuse to protect himself from having to release his income tax returns to the public. Romney’s religion and personal beliefs aren’t why he isn’t releasing his taxes; Romney isn’t releasing his taxes because he is scared about what the American public will find out about the Romneys’ personal finances. 

Why else would Romney keep his finances such a secret? What could the innocent Mormon Romney family have to hide about their personal finances that would scare the public so much? 

I really have no idea, but it would be interesting to know, wouldn’t it? 


Interestingly enough, the public already knows that the Romneys have given at least $4 million dollars to the Mormon Church through a Mormon non-profit organization. The amount of money that the Romneys tithe each year isn’t going to be the primary focus of any hard looks into his finances, but the public will want to know what kinds of loop holes Romney uses and whether or not he has any offshore accounts. The American government needs all of its taxpayers to pay their fair share of taxes into the system, including the rich ones. 

What does Mitt Romney have to hide from the American public? Wouldn't you like to know?