Millionaire John Rease Attack Ads Make False Charges

Millionaire John Rease Attack Ads Make False Charges

Millionaire John Rease is engaging in a hot air war against his opponent, West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin. Mr. Rease has the money and the well paid spin doctors to produce attack ads that slander his opponent, and that produce a lot of smoke and noise, accusing Governor Manchin of things the Governor did not do. Mr Rease game is not to tell the truth, but to stir up emotions and to turn them into votes.

The facts are that Mr. Rease, and men like him, represent anti-workers and anti-middle class interests.

As Governor Manchin's campaign points out, "John Raese's latest ad is yet another blatantly false attack designed to distract West Virginians from his extreme policies that put his own interests above those of hardworking families."

Furthermore: There are men who are dead because of politicians like Mr. Rease, who want to weaken mine safety regulations and enforcement, return business practices back to the old robber baron days, so that his rich mine owner buddies can make a few more dollars.

Hopefully, the voters of West Virginia will remember what happened last April at the Upper Big Branch mine, in Montcoal, West Virginia, remember the negligence of the mine owners, and the deaths of twenty nine men, and reject Mr. Rease.