Military-Industrial Complex -- Oh, what a threat?

Military-Industrial Complex -- Oh, what a threat?

The Huffngton Post reports that "public officials on both sides of the aisle are increasingly looking toward the defense budget as a possible avenue for cutting spending and reducing the deficit, even though the Obama administration has been reluctant to do so." And -- Congressman,. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) told The Huffington Post last week,. "The liberal community's got to focus more on Afghanistan, Iraq, NATO. NATO is a great drain on our treasury and serves no strategic purpose." Mr. Franks and others are calling for meaningful defense cuts? Will they get them? Please. We shouldn't hold our breaths.

We need a strong and reliable national defense. We, Americans, need to be secure in our borders, and we need to be able to assist our friends in time of true need, but wasn't it President Eisenhower who warned America to beware of the threat that the military-industrial complex poses to America's wealth and security?

The military-industrial complex is a hungry, greedy monster of a machine, that gobbles up the treasury, the hopes and dreams of America and spits out anxieties, fear, destruction, war, an endless series of wars, and threat of wars, to keep itself well-fed.

And so, to keep this machine well-feed, and to keep its captains very well-fed, America strips and shortchange her people.

So America is told that she must do without things others have, such as really decent heath care, heath care that is better than the Obama compromised law, health care that her people deserve. It's a pity. For crying out loud, if any American has the health care of a Third World Citizen, that is an outrage of the first order.

Americans love laughing at their critics.

To those who say we do without to feed the Military-Industrial Complex, these Americans laugh. This group of jolly, laughing Americans chant that we are the best. We are beyond better. We are the best of the best. And we never go without things that we badly need. And what we badly need is to feed Military-Industrial Complex until its beyond fat and obese.

The Military-Industrial Complex has long ago become a monster of the absurd. It eats alive America's children to feed itself. It starves America of the resources which she needs to keep herself looking good and truly strong. Her infra-structure is falling. Her children are being left behind. There is little of nothing left for them, and there won't be, while the Military-Industrial Complex continues to eat and to eat.

The Military-Industrial Complex exports war, not industry, makes guns and boots for the young, and graves, so many graves, filled, because it needs to feed, It fills the young's minds with the need to answer threats, and threats, and threats, which it creates, so that it will continue to be fed.

What is spent to keep this monster fed? The 2010 defense budget was $533.8 billion -- excluding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the cost of those wars added the cost is $663.8 billion, which is "more than the combined defense expenditures of the next 17 countries."

There are real threats, made stronger, to feed the Military-Industrial Complex

Al Qaeda is stronger, because of the missteps of the Military-Industrial Complex. Diplomacy, counter-intelligence, a maybe a small force of operatives, working with allies, fighting for their own countries could have disposed of Al Qaeda by now. But maybe? Perhaps? That would not have served the need of the Military-Industrial Complex to keep alive threats so that it will continue to be fed?.

Last night on The Young Turks, Ben Mankiewicz and Ana Kasparian broke down the comments by Democratic Congressman Barney Frank on wasteful war defense spending and NATO. See the video.