Mel Is Getting Away With Everything?

Mel Is Getting Away With Everything?

Okay. Mel Gibson -- Remember Mel Gibson? Last year? He had his public media breakdown? Everybody was talking about mad Mel, because of several leaked audio tapes, which at the time seemed over-the-top-over-the top, but now, in these days of Charlie Sheen, and that Galliano dude, those tapes seem tame, quaint even.

During Mr. Gibson trials? with his girlfriend, the Russian musician Oksana Grigorieva, there was talk of alleged domestic abuse. Knowing that there is an unwritten law in America, which says that in most cases celebrities get a free pass, I am not surprised by this afternoon's news on net that said, in so many words, that Mel is going to get away with everything.

The Associated Press reported that informed sources say. that Mel Gibson will avoid time jail time, right? Of course.

Again this is America. The same principles work in most countries, that those who are rich and famous are favored by the gods, and the law too.

Mr. Gibson, with a little help from his lawyers, was able to reach a plea bargain with prosecutors. Well, Mel does have high priced lawyers. Mel will be charged with misdemeanor battery against his ex-girlfriend.

Well, Mel was a really big star in the 1990s