Meg Whitman is a big phony.

Meg Whitman is a big phony.

Item from the Associated Press -- "GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman accused Democratic rival Jerry Brown of orchestrating a scandal over her former illegal immigrant housekeeper, a charge that prompted Brown to say Whitman is not fit to be governor" See the video.

Associated Press -- The Whitman-Brown debate -- "When the debate moderator asked Whitman about her treatment of the worker, she accused Brown's campaign of orchestrating the controversy and sacrificing the maid 'on the altar of your political ambitions.' Brown fired back that she has not taken responsibility and is not fit to be governor.

"Don't run for governor if you can't stand up on your own two feet and say, 'Hey I made a mistake,'" Brown said in a moment fraught with tension as the two candidates, neck-and-neck in the polls, turned away from the audience and faced each other directly. "You have blamed her, blamed me, blamed the left, blamed the unions. But you don't take accountability."

Meg Whitman, the billionaire lady kicked her faithful housekeeper to the curb, after nine years of loyal service, because the housekeeper was an illegal immigrant, and Ms Whitman was going to run for Governor, as a Republican tough gal, and on the platform of being tough on illegal immigrants, and on employers who hire illegal immigrants. Keeping the housekeeper on the payroll wouldn't look nice or right, if somebody found out, so Meg Whitman told the housekeeper to get lost, and I don't know you.

The housekeeper ran to Gloria Allred, the celebrity lawyer, who can smell a bag of money from way off. Lawyer Allred took the case. Meg Whitman has big bags of money. The housekeeper is suing for back wages --  and transporation cost?

The story breaks and what does Meg say? First that she is a victim of a smear, a lie, a big lie, and that she did what she is supposed to do, when she found out, after nine years, that her housekeeper was an illegal -- gracious Meg threw the housekeeper under the bus.

The housekeeper replied. "Oh, no. Old boss, you knew I was illegal all along."

"Not so," says Meg, and Meg said that her opponent Jerry Brown put the housekeeper up to the lie.

Remember who the housekeeper's lawyer is? Gloria Allred. No body and no thing gets her involved in anything, except for the chance for a big pay off -- for Gloria!

Meg, the Billionaire lady's,  money bags got Lawyer Allred on the case. And Lawyer Allred provided to the press with glaring proof that Meg Whitman is a liar, that Meg Whitman knew all along that the housekeeper was an illegal, years before on pre-campaign eve, she dropped the crap house on the housekeeper..

And so what was Meg Whitman's next step? To step up the attack on Jerry brown. "The Democrats are smearing me!" she whines.

Ms Whitman has some gall. She is the queen of hypocrisy!

Meg Whitman has so much money that she thinks she can buy her way into the California governor's chair. She's already spent $120 million of her own money on what may prove to be a vanity campaign. Maybe she thinks that she has enough money to cover her big lies with bigger lies.

Meg Whitman is a big phony.