The media refuses to protect us

The media refuses to protect us

Snickering, self-righteous conspirators

In the past several weeks I’ve seen at least three liberal columnists and several left-leaning newspapers distancing themselves from the President, if not criticizing him outright. I know the mainstream media is heavily invested in Mr. Obama. After all they’re responsible for creating him out of whole cloth and his own ego. If the President doesn’t get re-elected the media loses a great deal of credibility. They simply can’t do this because they’re going broke and retreating to the internet in an effort to stay in business.“Fast and furious”, Libya and “Benghazi are only some of the recent, potentially damaging issues that the media violates their trust as the “Fourth Estate” and hides from the public. They talk among themselves, snicker about the conspiracy and simply will not put these issues on the front page or speak of them on the evening news.

Also, notice how little reportage there is concerning the body count of soldiers and civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. After all, these things could put the President in an uncomfortable position given the stated date of our pullout and the ongoing draw down of forces in these areas.

Conservatives understand that the media will take every opportunity to destroy a Republican President, fine you biased self-serving hypocrites! We accept that it’s business as usual for the media to ignore everything I just pointed out, right up until Benghazi. 

If indeed there is a reason why the administration watched what happened in real time from an overhead drone (according to a highly placed state department official under oath before Congress) and allowed Americans in the service of their country to be killed by a militant force, then Obama should have a news conference to put the matter at rest.

His administration cannot even get their story straight and have apparently lied from the beginning about the entire episode. If Obama is re-elected then he can look forward to everything on all of these issues coming out; they can suppress the truth until the election but certainly not after. If I were Obama, I would worry about losing the bid for re-election but worry more about losing it after the election.