Make a difference in the world

Make a difference in the world

Take some progressive action.

Here are a few things you can do to help improve the world—as well as peoples’ lives—this week.

Volunteer for your local campaign office

It’s getting to be election crunch time, and it’s up to us to make sure we keep this country as progressive as possible—and that means not allowing Mitt Romney to sit in that seat. It’s taken, remember? Find your nearest Obama volunteer headquarters here, or sign up to volunteer here.

Ask Obama to close Guantanamo Bay

Even as we root for him, we must hold President Obama accountable to upholding justice and equality in America. Call for not only the closing of Guantanamo today, but also the investigation of the treatment of detainees like Adnan Abdul Latif, who died after being held at the facility for ten years without charge.Find or refer a friend to a free clinic

This isn’t a petition action item, but it’s still an important one. If you are low income or have no health insurance and you need to see a doctor—or if you know someone who does—here is a list of free clinics and other charitable medical organizations who can help. Just enter your zip code and find the one nearest you. Note that you may have to expand the distance from your home.

Hug a vegetarian

Hug a Vegetarian Day is just around the corner! You can get your signs here if you’d like to participate.

Save the bears

Make a call on behalf of regulations for protecting bears today.  Every time we go to the zoo, it’s the bears that bother me most. They are so intelligent, yet so cramped in this unnatural setting—and they pace and bob their heads, obviously distressed. Let’s change this. Click here to ask for better treatment for bears across the country.

Tell Congress: Don’t cut the wildlife budget

Lots of things are being cut lately, and the protection of the environment and wildlife in general is at stake. Wildlife enforcement, endangered species protections, and many other programs are at risk of being dangerously cut. Please click here to ask that these programs be kept intact.

Tell Hobby Lobby to respect women

Lots of people are coming to Hobby Lobby’s defense, saying that since they’re a private business, they have a right to not support something life-saving like birth control. Sure; don’t use it, Hobby Lobby owners. But denying it in an insurance program that covers any other procedure is pure discrimination against women. Click here to tell them that Christianity is no excuse to deny women health care.