“Love it or leave it” is pure BS

“Love it or leave it” is pure BS

I’m really glad that our ancestors didn’t feel that way--for the most part.

Of course, if they had, perhaps we wouldn’t have wiped out millions of native indigenous peoples from the entire freaking continent. From that perspective, I am actually pretty cool with this bumper sticker. Sure I’m happy that I live in America, but the fact that my ancestors made my life possible by slaughtering others isn’t lost on me.

In terms of our current nation, however, I can’t help from laugh at the irony of so many of my Bible belt friends and relatives—who complain about President Obama whenever they get the chance—retorting “America: Love it or leave it!” whenever we want to complain about anything from our healthcare system to immigration laws or anything in between.

For example, when I mention how our country ranks lowest among other developed nations in terms of worker rights—from time off to sick leave and a plethora of other rights guaranteed in many nations—I’m met with this stupid bumper sticker redneck phrase.

Could you imagine if Dr. Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony, and so many of our ancestors had lived with this mentality and opted to watch NASCAR and drink beer instead of change our nation for the better?

I’m not stereotyping here, either; the people I’m referring to do these things instead. Of course, they’re more than happy to complain about our “Muslim” president. I’m so not kidding.

Maybe this is why so many of them hate their jobs—love them or leave them!—or their spouses—love them or leave them!—or themselves. They don’t believe in change (or perhaps they simply fear it?), they wish we could all live in the 1950s forever (forgetting that lots of change occurred from our country’s conception to that decade, of course; I guess the phrase didn’t apply until the White Picket Fence Syndrome established itself in American suburbs), and anything that anyone suggests to help improve our country—our very lives—is met with a disgruntled retort of, “You don’t like it here? Move!”

You know, the union folks who preceded them in life, who fought for their rights to a weekend and a 40-hour work week, certainly didn’t have this mentality. Neither did the people who fought for us to have garbage collection, for God’s sake! Even if they don’t want to lift a finger to help, you’d think they’d support people trying to better their lives rather than give them a boot in the ass.

Of course, according to Toby Keith, it’s just the American way…