Lindsey Graham backs Ted Cruz

Lindsey Graham backs Ted Cruz

Despite clearly loathing him

Senator Lindsey Graham has publicly endorsed Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz, and will begin fundraising for Cruz's campaign. This is surprising news, given the terrible things Graham has said about Cruz in the last few months.

Less than one month ago, when asked whether he thought that Donald Trump or Ted Cruz was the bigger liar, Graham said "Too close to call."

Six weeks ago, Graham joked that a Republican who has to choose between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in an election is "the difference between being poisoned or shot - you're still dead."

Graham also joked that you could kill Cruz on the floor of the Senate and no one in the Senate would convict you, that Cruz's foreign policy is so bad that he's done "more to allow ISIS to gain a foothold in Syria than any senator other than Rand Paul, and pointed out that a Republican nominee won't win without an exception for abortions in the case of rape or incest - which Cruz does not have.

Nevertheless, Cruz is currently top billing on the "Not Donald Trump" ticket, so that's obviously where Graham is throwing his weight. This chaos in the Republican Party would be funny if it wasn't so alarmingly indicative of how popular Donald Trump has become. You know what they say - it's all fun and games until someone elects Trump for president.