Liberal hate

Liberal hate

Please, give it a rest!

I discussed some of these questions several weeks ago, but am revisiting it because the left just keeps on putting their foot in their mouths. On the morning after former Vice President Dick Cheney’s recent heart transplant, television and radio news shows displayed an interesting end-run maneuver. I made it a point to watch several of these news programs on Saturday and Sunday, in order to gauge the slant the commentators would take.

On Saturday—the day after—I saw and heard comments that not so subtly attempted to mount a “campaign” to enlist listeners to buy into possible allegations that Mr. Cheney had “jumped the line” and received preferential treatment. Also, the question was posed as to whether a perfectly good heart should be given to an older person.

My thoughts on these comments unrolled in this order:

  1. Aha! I knew liberals couldn’t help but attack Vice President Cheney, even on his potential death bed.
  2. Using Saturday third rate talking heads to take a reading on the listener’s reactions to their trial balloon of beating up on Cheney wasn’t bad tactics. After all, why take a chance on their Sunday commentators getting in hot water if the public didn’t bite?
  3. Good Gawd Almighty! How dumb can these people be? I know they can hate, but jiminy! First, in the heat of their bloodlust they obviously didn’t even check to see that Cheney waited 20 months—  almost 3 1/2  times longer than the average heart transplant recipient generally waits—which is about six months. Secondly, for supposedly empathetic people, they callously suggested that older people might as go ahead and die—they’re simply not worth transplanting a healthy organ into.

Man, I would love to have been monitoring the network studio phones and e-mails after the commentators uttered the “age” question over the air.

The Internet is full of the vilest attacks imaginable, all directed at Dick Cheney and his successful heart transplant.

Bill Maher, Jay Leno, Dave Letterman and the other late night comedians are vicious in their attacks on Cheney’s transplant, via “comedic license” of course.

Leftists never stop hating.