Lady Gaga: Satan’s Bride

Lady Gaga: Satan’s Bride

Do people really have nothing better to do?

Lady Gaga is scheduled to perform in South Africa next week. No big deal—unless you’re one of the protestors claiming that she is the bride of Satan, in which case I guess you’d be offended that the Dark Lord’s succubus misses is here to take away your soul. Or something.

This group of Christian protestors claims that Gaga is just destroying their values and religion with her music. That is weird enough for me; it takes a lot more than music to destroy something, in my opinion. Okay, if she were blowing up churches and rewriting the gospels or something, maybe I would consider the idea. But singing isn’t going to change your thousands-of-years of controlling people politically through your religion, folks. Don’t worry; your massive dominance is still number one!

This SA Council of Churches claims not only that Gaga is a self-confessed Satanist; but that her name is the name of a demon and that she is the devil’s bride. Even if this were all true, by the way, she should still have the right to sing where she wants to sing. I mean, concerts by Satan’s harem are always the best, especially when the pyrotechnics start!

Seriously, though, these folks seem like they’ve got nothing better to do. Why not just sit at home and pray about it or something? Wouldn’t God’s will stop her from playing if you’re right? You guys confuse me.