Jon Stewart Delivered A Huge Throng for 'Sanity'

Jon Stewart Delivered A Huge Throng for 'Sanity'

The Comedy Central team of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert trumped the Fox News gang of haters, race baiter and fear mongers, led by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. This should be a clear warning to the corporate elite, as to where the people are, and a warning to the Rupert Murdochs and the Koch brothers of corporate America, of the potential dangers to their bottom line from -- maybe, a future consumer boycott of their products, if they continue to support the politics of the ill-tempered and of the haters. Stewart and Colbert rallied folks in the hundreds of thousands in about a month. The potential for progressives to rally millions to boycott the corporate supporters of the extreme and of the haters should be crystal clear.

Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert are satirists and their rally, yesterday on the National Mall, was designed to poke fun at and to deliver a message to the haters, that America has not lost its sense and gone crazy, that the Fox News gang and the right-wing media, and the GOP-Tea Party. do not reflect the opinions of the American people. The rally was themed "Restoring Sanity. It carried the message of American unity, which was the answer to the divisive rally of Glenn Beck in Washington in August.

CBS News estimated 215,000 people attended a rally. A New York Times'  reporter said  the Park Service privately told Viacom there were "well over 200,000" people at the rally. Rally organizers say there were many more. By all accounts the "Restoring Sanity" rally made Glenn Beck's divisive August meet-up look small.

Jon Stewart said. "The day was about toning down anger, partisan division and shouting. 'If we amplify everything," he said, "we hear nothing.'"

It is the hope of the attendees that folks will go to the polls on Tuesday and vote for sanity and against fear, vote for politicians who are truly working for a united, United States of America, and are not working just to advance a political, economic and social agenda that demonizes other Americans.