Islamaphobia Is Politically Driven

Islamaphobia Is Politically Driven

The question of the week is: Is America Growing Islamaphobic?

My answer is: Yes. It is.

Why is it ?

The answer is: It is an election year.

This outbreak of Islamaphobia is master minded by the very not unseen hands, but by the very public hands of the right-wing news entertainment media, by the entertainers on Fox cable news, the provocative guys and gals, who say and do the most outrageous things to get an audience. Yes, Fox and shills on right-wing talk radio. Also, that party of those not funny jokers of the GOP.

How else can you explain the hot and angry, nasty and ugly,  debate over whether to build a mosque near Ground Zero? How else can you explain the violent opposition to against new mosques in other parts of the country?

This is about politics, plain and simple, poll reading and vote getting. In an election year, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, American values, take a back seat when a politician who has nothing to offer the people but hate goes after a vote.