Inspiring girl dresses up daily

Inspiring girl dresses up daily

Stella Ehrhart is one admirable eight-year-old.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to dress up as different characters or monsters, trying on new personas and having fun with my family. But Stella Ehrhart doesn’t wait for Halloween; she dresses up every day.

Ehrhart, age eight, selects a different female hero every day from the book 100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century, and dresses up as that heroine. Of course, Stella doesn’t stop there. At school, her teacher uses her outfits as inspiration to look up the female heroes online and to teach the class about them and why they are so important.

What’s both awesome and sad about this story is that the kids in this classroom probably learn much more about female heroes and historical figures than any other classroom in the world. It really is great—but it also serves as a reminder that most classes do not learn about so many women important in our history.

Ehrhart’s story is making its rounds around the Internet, of course, and I hope with all my heart that she inspires even more girls to research their heroes—and even more teachers and parents to help educate both their boys and girls about the important women of our world.