Indiana Results Bring Forth Nominee

Indiana Results Bring Forth Nominee

Trump in while Cruz waves goodbye

Tuesday the results came in on the Indiana primary vote. Donald Trump won big again. A landslide that seems to have him suddenly on the fast track to the Republican nomination. In fact, it all but is assured now.

With that win, Ted Cruz knows as much...that is why he put all of his eggs in the Indiana basket in the first place. However, he still came up well short. Despite the Indiana governor giving him a luke-warm backing...he lost outright. Despite his increased ground game...still dominated.

He then took to the podium to admit defeat and end his bid at the nomination. After the effort, and lack of results, in Indiana it is clear to him and his campaign that no path to the presidency remains.

Donald Trump will be the nominee, like it or not, and should be considering the votes of the people. 

It is a wonder Ohio governed John Kasich is yet to lay down himself. I wonder if he is just giving it a go to see how close some races may be If the Cruz people come to his side. 

With many primaries around the corner, including a huuuge California primary, we will not have to wait too much longer. 

Chances are the first few coming up will be telling, and Kasich will quickly bow out after them. Trump has just dominated. Minus a small stretch of losses about a month ago...he dominated early and has not let his foot off the gas since they began with some 17 capable candidates.

In that sense, and the fact of all the millions of votes in his favor, it will be tough for the GOP not to back him. Not doing so would be them turning their back on the American many whom voted for their candidate... Donald Trump