Independent Voters

Independent Voters


The Independant Voter

A great many elections are so close that the “independent” voters are the ones that determine the winner. Who are the independents? They are usually defined as unaffiliated with a major party and they claim to vote more for issues than for parties and ideologies.

Unfortunately, there are problems with these definitions. Studies have shown that self-identified independents were less interested in particular elections, ignorant about issues and candidates and more likely to base their vote on beliefs, attitudes and loyalties than openly partisan voters. Maybe the term “low information voters” is a better term to apply to these people.

Further studies have muddied the waters even more and there is no current definition of voter independence that satisfies everyone. Considering that these “independent” voters are deciding a lot of elections now days, maybe it would be a good idea to have a better understanding of who they are. If they really are ignorant about issues and candidates, they should either be educated or removed from their current position of power by finding a way to engage considerably more than half of the electorate in favor of a particular candidate or issue

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