Immigration Solution: Amnesty

Immigration Solution: Amnesty

It is only a little bit of time ago that all of our relatives were immigrants themselves, coming from far away lands to settle in this great country.  My great-grandfather at 16 years-old, packed a sack, put five dollars in his pocket, and began his journey to the United States from Sweden.  The stories are endless of similar circumstances and experiences.  The stories of the past, however, are comparable to those of today, but the willingness of acceptance of today is not what it was then.  A wealthy man I met abroad said his immigration status moved swiftly due to his wealth, and the possible wealth he could bring to the US, but a hard-working man or woman who picks vegetables in the fields has more than an uphill battle to gain citizenship.  It doesn't seem fair.

This brings us to the immigration issue of the day, and Arizona jumped at the chance to make an overreaching immigration law that we've all heard about in the last few weeks.  Let us, however, for a second, put politics aside, and focus on economics.

First, what monetary gain is the new immigration law have?  The answer is none, and it is beyond wasteful.  The amount of time and money spent to detain, verify identification and immigration status, hold the person, and then either release or deport them is unreal.  It is just further loss of money for the state of Arizona in an already struggling economy.

Now how could Arizona, or the nation benefit economically from immigration?  Well, it's called amnesty, and at this point, it'd be hard to argue with economically.  Former President Ronald Reagan, a Republican, did this in the 1980's, and there is no reason for it not to be done again today, so why not make the illegal, working immigrants, citizens of this country.  Give them a social security number, have them start paying taxes, and let them bring their families to the United States.  This, economically, would help at all levels of government, and would help in keeping the money in the area in which they work.  The immigrants would pay taxes, and spend the money in the area in which they live, instead of sending it back to their families in Mexico, to where the money is spent in Mexico.

This would enable the immigrants to make a great impact, more so than they already have, in the community and area where they work.  Their children could be raised in this great country, with ability to get an incredible education, potentially college, and then they could make an impact, as well.

Why amnesty?  Well, quite frankly, I believe they deserve it.  I've witnessed countless examples of their work ethic and recently was able to talk to a construction manager in Arizona that said many of the immigrants worth ethic can not be matched, that they do their job, have an incredible desire to work, and hardly complain.  This, however, can't be said for many of the people of this country.  Many in this country feel a certain "entitlement," that they won't do this job or that, so instead sit to do nothing.  Why not give the willing and able the ability to work in this country, legally, and give them the rights and privileges that they have earned?

Let them live, work and enjoy this great country, this country of the free, home of the brave.  Home to people, who were all, at one time, immigrants.