Illegal Immigrants and Obama

Illegal Immigrants and Obama

Honest Path to Citizenship

The Presidential Election of 2012 is three weeks away. Republicans are ironclad in their belief that Obama will drive us off the cliff; economically as a nation and financially as a citizen while all the time hurtling us toward Socialism with the lure of unemployment benefits, welfare programs, food stamps and free hospital/health care. Sure, this encourages illegal immigrants to come to this country by offering them the same benefits as citizens. Welfare programs of all types, free education, driver licenses are already being given to illegal immigrants. Even the right to vote is being fought for by the administration.

Of course, Republicans are concerned!

Democrats are taking the opposite approach on every one of these issues. They are claiming that illegal immigrants work and pay taxes for some of these services. This, patently, is B.S. Illegal immigrants work for cash under the table in many if not all circumstances, saving them as well as the employer the burden of “paying their fair share.” Well, yeah! If I were living in a poverty stricken country, consumed with crime and corruption, you bet I would walk across the desert to the “land of free milk and honey.”

At a time when our national deficit is over 16 trillion dollars, our country is locked in a political and legal battle with democrats who “feel” empathy or guilt or who knows what concerning illegal immigrants and are, in effect, inviting the world to come and get a free handout. The problem is that American citizens are paying for it and as a country of citizens we don’t have the money. Hell! We are paying 3 billion dollars a day in interest, INTEREST! We’re paying it to China who is competing against us unfairly, hacking into our computer systems, stealing our blueprints and designs and flooding the U.S.A with counterfeit goods which rips off sales from legitimate manufacturers.

Democrats, by their very nature, are incapable of understanding that, at this rate, the country can and will run out of money, at which point our standard of living will continue to spiral downward.

Maybe that is the solution they envision: controlling immigration by running America into the ground to the point where no one wants to come here.