I'd rather an atheist hold office

I'd rather an atheist hold office

Select states fearful of a godless person holding office.

As a person who doesn't associate with any organized religion, I'm shocked by how much religion plays into politics. Too many people think that we live in a "Christian" nation, but the fact is we don't. We live in a place that provides freedom of religion to all, as put forth in the Constitution of the United States, the First Amendment, to be exact. (Hey, I paid attention in government class.)

Some states, however, are fearful of a godless person holding office. So much so, if fact, that some of them have banned atheists from holding office.

Are you serious? As a nation that tosses around how great, non-judgmental and accepting we are, we should be ashamed that any such rules exist. I would rather an atheist with no religious agenda hold office, over a super Christian that is "doing God's work."

To make matters even worse, I actually live in one of the states that doesn't allow an atheist to be elected. It just makes me sick. Here is the list of atheist-fearing states:

  • Arkansas
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas

I, unfortunately, reside in Texas. According to our state constitution, a person much acknowledge and accept the existence of a "Supreme Being" to be elected.

So, if you are an atheist looking to run for office in any of the aforementioned states, you just have to lie. Aren't politicians really good at that anyway? Just tell everyone how much you love and believe in God, and they will be happy to add you to the ballot.