I have a dream.

I have a dream.

Wednesday, October 8th


Dear Diary,

Terrible nightmares last night. Dreamed I was in small, enclosed room with only John and Tom. Tried to hide behind Tom, but John kept circling around screaming “Cronyism! Maverick! All of your friends are terrorists!” Tried to run, but John got closer and closer. Just when was finally giving up all hope for change, Cindy’s delicate, hollow-eyed face appeared and I reached up—

Woke up to beeping of alarm clock. 8:29AM. Like John’s birthday. Must be sign. Kept telling everyone I had a dream, but was told line was “clichéd” and that should really try to be more original in future. Tried to explain that dream was very likely premonition about me and John, but David said humor writers have thought of that already and that I should leave “being funny and creative” to the experts.

Sometimes feel underappreciated.

Still, am ahead in polls. Must count for something.

Hopefully yours,