Hunger Action Friday and More

Hunger Action Friday and More

Take action for hungry kids, the environment, and your own pockets.

This action roundup of political and cause-related topics from all over the web includes some pretty heavy-hitting issues as well as some items that affect us all. Please take a moment to scan them and take action if you feel so inclined.

Hunger Action Friday

Feeding America is sponsoring Hunger Action Friday today, a day in which we can raise our voices to help spread awareness about hunger, make sure our family and friends know about poverty in America, and even raise money to help those struggling to find food in this economy. There are many facts that you can share—such as the fact that 1 in 5 kids in America is at risk of hunger, and under the current Farm Bill, almost 300,000 kids would lose their current free school meals. Can you take a moment to update your Twitter status or Facebook status with one of these or other facts for Hunger Action Friday?

Stop the Keystone Pipeline

This is another one of those issues environmentalists thought we had in the bag already; unfortunately, it seems as if that is never the case. It doesn’t matter that we’ve had nearly 4,000 record temperatures this month; the draining of the tar sands—the second biggest location of carbon on earth—is still being considered! This kind of thing makes you want to smack your head into a wall. But don’t do that. Write the State Department instead and tell them that they absolutely cannot do this!

Ask the EPA to Ensure Strong Soot Protections

It’s pretty simple: we want clean air so we don’t die of lung cancer and stuff. Click here to tell the EPA to restrict the number of fine particles that can be in our air.

Keep Meds Prices Affordable

When I heard that most meds in Europe are around $5, I was pretty pissed off. Why can’t ours be as cheap? Right now, US trade officials are working on making meds even more expensive by protecting Big Pharmacy’s rights over—you guessed it—the rights of actual citizens. Again. Click here to find out more and to take action.

Help Stop Nuclear Warfare

Did you know that in the event of war, the President only has 13 minutes to decide whether or not to use nukes? That’s just a disturbing thought to have on your mind. Ask the president to de-alert our nuclear system and prevent a Doomsday from happening by clicking here.