Hugh Hefner gives his two-cents on gay marriage rights

Hugh Hefner gives his two-cents on gay marriage rights

Hefner is a prominent supporter of gay rights.

Another voice has sounded off recently in support of gay marriage rights and the rights of the LGBT community in general - Hugh Hefner.  Contrary to just being the wealthy ladies-man as many might perceive him as, Hefner is actually a prominent supporter of gay rights.  Most people, however, have never really heard him speak out.  Now, in a recent editorial in Playboy Magazine, he decided to put in his two cents about the ongoing gay marriage debates, adding some interesting insight regarding the role of sexual freedom for the LGBT community and how it relates to everyone.

Hefner is no stranger to dealing with the legal issues of sexuality.  He has had attacks made on him for his own choice of profession.  He has also been active in defending others’ rights when he saw injustice being done.  For this reason, he has developed a certain amount of wisdom when it comes to these affairs.  Here, I present just a few of the highlights of Hef’s editorial - the ones that resonated with me personally. 

First, he started by talking about how the fight for gay marriage is about more than just the rights of one minority in America.  He elaborated by discussing his belief that attacking gay rights is part of an overall religious viewpoint that sex is to be used only for procreation.  Thus, whether you are gay or just having fun in the bedroom, these policies boil down to an assault on your sexual freedom.

He also discusses his outrage over some of the tactics the religious conservatives have been using to sneak by discrimination in legal format.  The main point is the denial of marriage rights, but he goes into detail on some state policies.  One allows pharmacists to deny women birth control if their religious beliefs don’t agree with it.  Another lets employers deny medical coverage for birth control on the same grounds.  There are also others that allow employers to openly discriminate against gays - again, if the lifestyle goes against their religious beliefs.

Hefner shows us with his well-spoken words that we’re all in the same boat.  If you value your sexual freedom at all then you must help fight for that same freedom for all groups and communities, whether you agree with them or not.  The LGBT community is, in essence, the same as the world community and what happens to them may happen to us all if we sit aside and stay silent.  Only universal rights will ever come close to defeating the discrimination that currently exists and paving the way to a more tolerant and understanding future.