His Honor The 'Weeper' of the House!

His Honor The 'Weeper' of the House!

Yesterday the 112th Congress officially opened. The GOP, with their corporate brought, majority took control of the House, and John Boehner was elected 'weeper' -- that's Speaker. Of course the gentleman cried.

Can one imagine if former speaker Nancy Pelosi had wept, what the reaction would have been? If she had publicly wept anytime during her Speakership? I guess, there are different rules for men and women when it comes to crying?

Of course Mr. Boehner's tearing is part of his act, and no thoughtful person takes his boo-hooing seriously. As no one is moved when Glenn Beck starts the water works. It just a piece of acting business that works for Mr. Beck on his cable TV show.

So what, the gentleman cried? But not as much as most of America will? We will all soon be weeping?

Mr. Boehner for all the political railing he did when he was the minority leader, against the then Democratic majority, for not allowing him and Republicans to add amendments to bills, in his maiden speech as speaker, he declares his true feelings on the issue, now that he controls the majority. He said, "that fast legislating is good legislating; that allowing additional amendments and open debate makes the legislative process 'less efficient' than our forefathers intended."

Mr. Boehner intends to try to ram some of the GOP-Tea Party agenda through the House, to please the nut wing of the party, knowing that most of the Tea Party tripe will die in the Senate.

Ms Pelosi did what the second place person is supposed to do. She was gracious. As she handed the Speaker's gavel to Mr. Boehner. she said, that Mr. Boehner is "a man of conviction ..."

Lol on that one -- not from Ms. Pelosi. The lady kept a straight face 

Ms. Peloosi continued describing the GOP leader as "a public servant of resolve and a legislative leader of skill."


And she that "When the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and the new Republican majority ... come forward with solutions that address these American challenges, you will find us a willing partner."

Well, I expect that Ms. Pelosi will be waiting for the next two years to see when? if! that "when" comes. The GOP is full of too much "wind" to allow that day to come any time soon. It probably will come never.

John Boehner and the GOP are deep in the pockets of Washington lobbyists and big business. Mr. Boehner even handed out cash from the tobacco industry to his GOP gang on the House floor. He and his gang are for big business, even when the goals of business harm the working class and the middle class. One can criticize Ms Pelosi, as one can criticize all politicians, for not doing enough. But she fought / fights for the middle class. It is a hard long and endless fight, when the forces and the demands of the selfish big money boys are so great.

See the C-Span video of the ceremony., and Ms Pelosi and Mr. Boehner's speeches.