Heroin Epidemic

Heroin Epidemic

A Controversial Solution

The heroin issue is reaching quickly to small towns across the nation. Towns who once had little or no drugs, now have one of the hardest ones on their streets.

Overdoses and deaths are occurring along with that use at incredible numbers, and the issue is finding itself in the political debates and conversations between the running nominees left.

Some towns are turning to controversial methods to combat this addictive and deadly drug. Methods that have shown some success across seas in places like Europe and Australia.

The idea...let them shoot up. Yes that's right...enable them by providing a place to do it. Then allow them to shoot up while someone sits by watching the show.

On the other hand, its a place it can be done safely with staff that can help in case a tragedy occurs. Along with this the staff can help with safe needle practices and provide education. 

The biggest part of the program includes offering help to try and get those users off the drug. This can be especially true and powerful after review ving someone from and overdose. 

Overall I do not know how to feel about the method, but it has shown to increase the number of people who try and go get rehabilitation...while decreasing deaths. Those are two things I can not argue with, and mayne it is the start of a hopeful relief to the current epidemic.