Harriet Tubman to be Featured on US Currency

Harriet Tubman to be Featured on US Currency

Women's movement to money...but why now?

The government has been looking into featuring important US women on our currency for a little while now. This was particularly important for the ten dollar bill to improve security with the use of that denomination.

Initially , many thought itb would be Hamilton to move off of the ten...making way for important female contributors there.

Instead, it will be Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill that will be replaced. He will now move to the back of the twenty while Harriet Tubman will take his place on the front of the bill.

Tubman was one of the leaders in the civil rights' movement for women. As a black slave, she escaped her master in the south. She then went forward to be the "conductor" of the underground railroad. 

Ironically enough, Jackson was very much against civil rights...and may be best known for the trail of tears. A forced movement of Native Americans from their homelands, which resulted in several deaths.

Other changes will be made adding women's right's faces to the back of other currency as well included ng the 5 and 10 dollar bills. The timing looks to be in 2020, which will coincide with the 100 year anniversary of women getting the right to vote.

Nesides this, why else for the changes now though. What took so long...and is perhaps the future US president playing a part in this? Does another important female first perhaps play into this also?

I only offer this conspiracy theory as I recall the big Supreme Court Justice dispute recently. There, Obama picked a justice whose previous position was appointed by President Bill Clinton. 

At the time I thought it was interesting given how often Hillary Clinton mentions President Obama in her speeches and policy talk. It seemed like a move made that she may have had considerable say in, and in hopes that she would next be in office to continue in Obama's legacy...something she mentions often (particularly in the area of Obamacare)

Fast-forward to this recent news and it makes me think somehow she could have been involved in this as well. Of course, perhaps I am way off...that is whynmit is a conspiracy theory. 

The timing, in 2020, for this currency change may also be in the midst of President Hillary Clinton's first term. Picture it now, and if/WHEN it happens, tie that in with that KEY Supreme Court Justice. Then when you watch the first ever female President...President Hillary Clinton introduce those new bills into circulation...remember this brief article you read on politics report.com.