Gutting us from the inside

Gutting us from the inside

The enemy is us

You can be concerned about events occurring in our country without being a conspiracy nut—even though that’s how some will portray it. The United States is the melting pot of the world, so the saying went—at least up until 30 years ago. Now the U.S. is more like a stew pot, the various ingredients heating up and flavoring each other but staying whole and intact without blending together. I know, that is a clumsy analogy, but it is the best one that comes immediately to mind.

The country is changing and that is to be expected, given that has always been the plan. An influx of new blood equals new energy, ideas and talent. I understand and agree with that.

However, we have to understand that we are one of the very few countries in the world who welcome illegal immigrants as well as legal immigrants. We are certainly one of the absolutely few countries in the world who change our laws to accommodate legal and ILLEGAL immigrants. We actually allow ILLEGAL foreigners to vote—the democratic Attorney General is battling officials in Florida and Arizona right this minute to force them to allow ILLEGALs to vote—on causes that favor the new arrivals at the expense of the citizens whose ancestry is rooted here.

Can you imagine for a moment any Muslim country in the world respecting women and granting them full human rights, changing Sharia law to accommodate illegal or hell, even legal immigrants, and allowing other religions to practice their faith openly and even at the expense—which we do every day—of Islamic religion?

I don’t know how to sugarcoat this; if you answer yes, you must be either a liar or stupid! God knows we have too much of both of those types of people in our country today. 

Yeah, I’m concerned. The very belief system upon which the country is founded mandates that we treat everyone as equals and accommodate them in every way. Sure, this means the country will change—it will also become fragmented to the point of strife and ineffectualness as others battle for their piece of your pie while not compromising on giving up any of theirs.

There’s not a country in the world which can attack us from outside our borders and beat us, but there are plenty who can bring us to knees from the inside.

It’s happening everyday and we seem powerless to stop it.