Gunslinger vs. mudslinger

Gunslinger vs. mudslinger

Clint's epic role

Thinking back to the Republican Convention of 2012, I still am enthralled by the presentation of “The Empty Chair” as presented by Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood.  On literally a couple of minutes notice, without notes (or teleprompter in President Obama’s case), Mr. Eastwood gave an extemporaneous performance that was as entertaining as it was brilliant. 

Clint is 82 years old and is still lean, straight and strong.  He is also remarkably reminiscent of the parts he has portrayed in film for over 60 years.  He comes across as a humble, friendly and common man who is nonetheless confident and easy to get along with.  His performance also was testament to his intelligence, common sense and creativity.

His complaint had to do with President Obama not being present (hence the empty chair) when the events of the day demand leadership.  Clint picked up the chair while he was walking on stage to simply say a few words of support for the Romney ticket.  On the spur of the moment he placed the empty chair next to the podium and launched into an extremely witty, entertaining and at times ribald performance that could have easily been a much practiced stage routine. 

I don’t know how women feel about Eastwood but I know for a fact that men respect and admire him and by extension the views he holds. Today, I saw a preview of an ad funded by a Super Pac that breaks next week, undoubtedly timed to coincide with the last two weeks of the campaign before votes are cast in the Presidential race.

It shows a rugged, youthful appearing (at age 82) Eastwood who is dead serious as he contrasts Romney with Obama.  No, he is not really Dirty Harry or “The Man With No Name” as he was in some of his many starring roles.  However, he is a conservative who made it to the top and stayed there, in the Liberal Land of Hollywood. 

Mitt has my vote and I wish Eastwood was his running mate (nothing against Paul Ryan, of course.)